Local Landmark Theme for Hartshead Artworks
06 November 2013

Lisa Crompton was working at the Costa Coffee at Tameside Hospital when, thanks to a chance conversation with Facility and PFI Manager Pam Needham, she was commissioned to create three paintings in a Hartshead South Building Outpatient area.

The three giant canvases, which were paid for through charitable funds, depict Tameside landmark Hartshead Pike at dawn, at Midday and at dusk.

Lisa, 25, originally from Ashton, worked with another local artist Tina Caulfield, 25, of Hyde. They studied Fine Art at John Moores University in Liverpool together and collaborated to create the bright and visually striking pieces in acrylic over a seven-week period.

Lisa said: “We have worked together for six years but we have never done anything like this. It’s a massive space and we remember looking at the wall and thinking ‘What have we got ourselves into’”

Tina added: “The brief was something appropriate for the Hartshead building and so we decided to do images of Hartshead Pike throughout the day.

We are both into colour, so we have never really used black or white. We have always used acrylic and not emulsion. If we make a mistake we can just paint over it or wash it away.”

Pam Needham, Facility and PFI Contract Manager at Tameside Hospital, said: “I got chatting with Lisa one day and discovered she had a fine art degree so asked her to bring some examples of her work in.

I gave them a brief to work with – something appropriate for Hartshead and we thought Hartshead Pike throughout the day – dawn, midday and dusk, was appropriate because Hartshead Building works round the clock.”

She added: “The panels have real impact; the colours are so bright and should give the patients something to look at and talk about. Commissioning an artwork is always a risk but I’m really pleased with the result and I’ve had some positive feedback from other staff too.”