09 October 2013

Pregnant women and mothers will be asked at every maternity unit in England for their views on three different areas: antenatal care, birth and care on the postnatal ward and postnatal community care.

Tameside Hospital has commenced collecting patient views and is encouraging women using their Maternity services to provide feedback of their experiences of the service. Patient s can leave their feedback and comments in a variety of ways, including by postcard, iPad in the ward area and on the trust website.

This will make sure that every pregnant woman or new mum has opportunity to provide feedback, helping the Hospital to better understand and meet the needs of local families.

Lesley Tones, Head of Midwifery and Women’s Services and Supervisor of Midwives at Tameside Hospital, said: “Feedback from women and their families is extremely important to us and we do carry out regular surveys every month. What the FFT does offer is a simple easy way to gather information from women so that we will know when everything is working well and where we need to improve. We hope the information that we get back from women tells us about the issues that are most important to them. We are also keen to identify and share the best practices from those parts of the maternity provision that women rate highly. ‘

Louise Silverton, Director for Midwifery at the Royal College of Midwives is quoted as saying: “There are no better judges of maternity services than the women who use them and this helps to put them firmly at the centre of care. This will be very valuable feedback on how well these women, their babies and their families are being treated and cared for.”

It is anticipated the first set of Maternity data from the NHS Friend & Family Test will be published in January 2014.

The NHS Friend & Family Test is intended to allow hospital trusts to gain real time feedback on their services down to individual ward level. The test is based on a system called a net promoter score, which is widely used in the private sector to measure customer satisfaction. Possible scores range from -100 to 100 and anything positive is regarded as a good score.