07 October 2013

The new Lorenzo electronic patient record system is part of the hospital’s five year Digital by Design strategy to transform the way it deals with patients. It will put all the various pieces of information held about a patient at clinicians’ fingertips, reducing reliance on paper records and speeding up communications about patient care. Staff will be better informed and will be able to respond to patients’ needs more effectively.

The hospital was one of the first in the country to sign up for Lorenzo under an agreement between the Department of Health and system supplier, CSC.

Prior to the start date, the hospital successfully transferred 5.5 million data items relating to patient records into the new system which represents a 100% success rate. More than 2,000 members of staff have been trained to use the new system.

In preparation for go-live, more than 25,000 outpatient appointments have already been scheduled using the new system

Tameside Hospital’s Interim Chief Executive Karen James said: “This is a very positive time for the hospital and our patients. We have been working extremely hard over the last few months to prepare for the transition to Lorenzo and are pleased to have achieved our target date for going live.

“The progress we are making through implementing our Digital by Design strategy is part of our response to the Keogh Review. Better patient record keeping, information sharing and bed management is vital to improving patient care.”

TamesideHospital’s Chairman Paul Connellan said: “This is really good news for our staff and patients. Tameside Hospital has placed itself at the very forefront of the technological changes within the NHS. Lorenzo is central to our Digital by Design IT strategy which will see us changing the way we deliver patient care over the next few years and we are looking forward to sharing our experience widely with the rest of the National Health Service.

“The system will ensure better patient care by notifying medical staff of any issues in timing or drugs that need attention. In addition it will enable direct communication with GP records, where the patient permits this, which will give doctors a much more comprehensive view of all issues affecting the patient.”

Philippe Houssiau, CSC’s vice president and general manager for Healthcare in the UK, said: “Tameside Hospital’s Digital by Design strategy is an ambitious programme and Lorenzo is at the heart of plans to improve clinical information flow and reduce administrative burdens for healthcare professionals. Having worked closely with the Tameside team to ensure a successful go-live, this next-generation electronic patient record system will support the hospital in improving outcomes for its patients.”