25 September 2013

Among the winners was midwife Helen Howard, the hospital’s Infant Feeding Coordinator and Supervisor of Midwives (already the Royal College of Midwives’ Community Midwife of the Year), who took home the coveted Employee of the Year award.

Helen, who had already been named as one of this year’s Excellence in Care winners, receive the award for wonderful care she gave Mair Wallroth and her family, who discovered she had breast cancer while 23 weeks pregnant.

She went on to have a healthy boy Merlin thanks to the joint work of staff at Tameside Hospital but it was Helen who helped coordinate her care, including arranging for Mair to be monitored during her chemotherapy sessions so she could hear the baby’s heartbeat at all times, rearranging her diary so she could help deliver Merlin and securing donated breastmilk for him.

Pete has described Helen as a ‘fulcrum’ for the care the family received at Tameside Hospital and a ‘shining star’.

Sadly, despite her treatment, Mair’s cancer spread and she died in December last year.

Helen said of her award: “.  I am privileged to receive the award. It is wonderful to be recognised locally, as well as nationally, for all the work I have done.

“It is always about the women and their families and I am privileged to be able to provide the care I do.”

It was a very good night for the wider Maternity Unit, as head of midwifery Lesley Tones and her team took home the Service Improvement Award and Chair’s Prize for its Perinatal Mental Health initiative.

This initiative is aimed at identifying and tackling mental health issues in pregnant women in Tameside and Glossop and has already won a prestigious Royal College of Midwives (RCM) Annual Midwifery Award for Initiatives in Improving Public Health and Reducing Inequalities.

The project provided evidence-based, multi-agency coordinated services to meet the need of parents and infants who require support and medical interventions to improve their relationship with their unborn infant and prevent or reduce mental health problems. It provided an early, comprehensive risk assessment for susceptibility to mental health illnesses in parents and infant attachment problems and was accessible to all who need it. It also promoted good infant and parent mental health in order to reduce the incidence of early attachment problems and, subsequently, child and adolescent mental health problems.

Other winners included Sarwat Rahman and Saarah Niazi-Ali in the Innovation category for the Antibiotic Guideline Cards for lanyards and smartphone app and Jan Smart in the Team Working category for the Fast Track Chest Clinic.

Amanda Bromley, Interim Director of Human Resources, said: “The annual Awards Ceremony gives the Trust the opportunity to recognise and celebrate the many areas of good practice at Tameside Hospital.

“It is a wonderful time to acknowledge and recognise the loyalty, dedication and commitment of the staff here at Tameside.”

Nominees and winners’ table




Service Improvement

1)    Blood Transfusion Improvement Campaign – Geoff Lavelle

2)    Therapy High Impact Care Bundles – Catherine Thomas*

3)    Perinatal Health – Lesley Tones

Perinatal Mental Health – Lesley Tones


1)    Behind the Yellow Door – Christine Griffiths

2)    Antibiotic Guideline Cards for lanyards and smartphone app – Sarwat Rahman & Saarah Niazi-Ali

3)    Sacrospinious fixation for Utero-Vaginal & Vaginal Vault Prolapse – Dr L Hanna

Antibiotic Guideline Cards for lanyards and smartphone app – Sarwat Rahman & Saarah Niazi-Ali


Team Working

1)    Community First Responders – Geoff Pogson

2)    Hospital Alcohol Liaison Team – Kerry Lyons

3)    Fast Track Chest Clinic – Jan Smart

Fast Track Chest Clinic – Jan Smart

Employee of the Year

Helen Howard

Deanna Cragg

Fiona Mycock

Geoff Pogson


Helen Howard


Chairs Prize

  • Perinatal Health – Lesley Tones
  • Antibiotic Guideline Cards for lanyards and smartphone app – Sarwat Rahman & Saarah Niazi-Ali
  • Fast Track Chest Clinic – Jan Smart
  • Helen Howard


Perinatal Mental Health