24 September 2013

The 10-week project, which was completed ahead of schedule, included repainting the ward, adding roof vents to let in more natural light, a new air-conditioning system, a new medical gases system, reconfiguring of main rooms and replacing every window.

Rooms which were included in the programme were the two main cot areas, newborn hearing room, two parents’ room, dedicated breastfeeding room and a playroom for brothers and sisters as well as the staff room, a staff kitchen, a meeting room and store rooms.

The Unit has capacity for 13 babies with two NICU nurses covering each of the two rooms.

Adrienne Burney, of Dukinfield is mum to eight-week-old Teddy, who was delivered at 30 weeks because she suffered with pre-eclampsia.

“Teddy is doing really well. They have done a great job with the refurbishment,” she said.

NICU Nurse Gil Ellerton added: “It’s a lot better and user friendly. It gives a much better impression to parents.”

Stephen McLaughlin, Head of Children’s services at Tameside Hospital, said: “A lot of the work is stuff that you can’t even see as it’s gone on behind the walls. We have made better use of the space and staff are happier now it’s clean, bright and fresh.”