13 August 2013

Dorothy Walters shed more than a third of her body weight, going down from 12 stone to under eight stone, and was falling regularly at her Ashton flat before daughters Ann Gale and Lynn Hibbert took her to Tameside Hospital in April.

Dorothy said: “I couldn’t eat much so I lost a lot of weight because all I could manage was Horlicks. I just had no appetite, wasn’t hungry at all and had to force food down.

“I kept saying to my daughters that there’s something wrong with my body.”

Once in Tameside Hospital Dorothy underwent a battery of tests and received almost daily blood transfusions before doctors discovered she had bowel cancer and problems with her gallbladder.

She underwent a Laparoscopic Right Hemicolectomy and Cholecystectomy to remove half her lower intestine and gallbladder on June 13 and since then has made a remarkable recovery.

Mamoon H. Solkar, Consultant Laparoscopic Colorectal and General Surgeon at Tameside Hospital who treated Dorothy, said: “Mrs Walters is a remarkable person at 93 years. When I first assessed her for surgery she showed a very positive attitude towards having this major operation.

“She underwent the procedure and continued to show this gritty determination to recover and she did marvelously.”

Dorothy said: “The biggest thing it’s given back to me is my strength to enjoy time with my five great-grandchildren as I was quite frail before but it gave me a boost to see them. I have got a new lease of life and now I can have quality time with them.

“I’ve been privileged at this age to be given this extra opportunity. It’s given me a new interest in life and it’s been worth it. Now I have a lot to live for.”

She added: “I’m more than happy with the care that I got. I had every faith in the surgeon and the anaesthetist as they were very nice. They did excellently for me and did me proud.”

Dorothy’s daughter Ann said: “The opportunity that Mum has been given at her age is just pure gold. It makes me very grateful to live in a country where you have access to free healthcare no matter how old you are.”