01 August 2013

Tameside Listens gives staff, patients, stakeholders and local people a big say in our ambitious strategy to deliver excellence, quality and compassionate care. From today (1st August 2013), over a six month period, it will report back publicly and openly to everyone involved.

There are 8 strands to Tameside Listens – each asking a fundamental question and we want to hear everyone’s ideas and responses.

These are:

  • Supporting and Developing People

How does Tameside inspire, attract, support and develop its staff and people to deliver world-beating standards of compassionate care and quality?

  • Promoting Compassion and Care        

How does Tameside ensure that compassionate care is placed centre-stage in the way patients and their families are looked after?

  • Listening and Responding

How does Tameside ensure it listens and responds to concerns, advice and suggestions for improvement from all its stakeholders and local people – and is seen to do so?

  • Ensuring Safety

How does Tameside ensure that patient and staff safety is maximised and protected?

  • Pursuing Excellence

How can Tameside best pursue and achieve excellence and achievement in all its clinical care and outcomes?

  • Performing Brilliantly

How does Tameside ensure its performance matches those of the best and is seen to do so?

  • Delivering Quality

How does Tameside develop its financial, leadership and delivery capacity to ensure the vision is achieved?

  • Working in Partnership   

How does Tameside develop and maximise its partnerships and mutual support with local stakeholders and representatives, organisations,  health and social care partners, patient groups and the voluntary sector, 

Tameside Listens is using the widest possible range of methods and channels to allow everyone to have their say and give us their ideas and will include existing ways in which we receive feedback such as the new Friends and Family Test, the PALS service and Patient Survey, the Patient Opinion and Patient Choices website, more than 20 Governor meetings held each a year and our 17,200 Foundation Trust members with whom we liaise regularly.

We are putting in place a whole host of new ways to listen:

  • Anyone can download a Tameside Listens response form via the main Trust website.
  • Response leaflets and forms are available at convenient points around the hospital or from the main reception.
  • An email address is available for anyone to use tamesidelistens@tgh.nhs.uk
  • Anyone can follow us and contact us via a dedicated Tameside Listens Twitter feed #TamesideListens
  • A Facebook page has been set up for people to follow, like and comment on www.facebook.com/tamesidelistens
  • Our YouTube channel will feature a host of material and videos keeping everyone up to date with the very latest news from Tameside Listens www.youtube.com/TamesideListens
  • Anyone can download or subscribe via the web or iTunes to a dedicated Tameside Listens podcast www.tamesidehospital.podbean.com or via iTunes


Interim Chief Executive Karen James said: “We want to listen and learn from our local community and that’s why we’re launching Tameside Listens.

“Why not join us in shaping the vision for a bright future for our hospital, the care it provides and the service it delivers?

“We look forward to hearing from you.”