Statement from Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
16 July 2013

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Interim Chief Executive Karen James said:

“We have accepted the Keogh review recommendations in full and will implement them in full, openly and publicly, without exception. This will fully meet the concerns and requirements both of the Keogh team and Monitor.

“We are preparing a detailed Action Plan for addressing each and every one of its recommendations – together with our timetable for our actions. This will be published, so we can be held to account by our staff, patients and local people for our promises and our actions.

“The last few weeks have seen significant change, here at Tameside Hospital, and we are now on a journey of improvement. We have:

  • Renewed the leadership of our hospital;
  • Accepted the Keogh recommendations in full;
  • Begun preparation of a detailed Action Plan for addressing each and every one of the Keogh recommendations; and
  • Launched the biggest listening exercise in the Trust’s history.

“Standards of care have to be higher and our patients have the right to expect this. What is important now is that we work collectively with our health partners, look to the future and work with our staff within the hospital to raise standards further.

“I am encouraged that the Keogh review team have recognised the areas of excellence within the hospital – particularly our nursing staff. They also appreciate the work we have already done to address many of the issues raised.

“People can be absolutely reassured that we will work through the inevitable challenges that still lie ahead, with the support of our many thousands of dedicated and caring staff so that they can feel proud of their work, their organisation and the NHS.

“This is a new start for Tameside Hospital and we very much look forward to supporting it on this exciting journey of improvement and transformational culture change.”



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