Tameside Hospital's statement regarding the resignation of Chief Executive Christine Green
03 July 2013

Christine agreed with the Board on 27th June her resignation.  The Trust has delayed announcing this decision to allow for proper arrangements to be put in place for succession planning.                       

Commenting on her resignation, Christine Green said today: “I’ve been at Tameside for 15 years as Chief Executive.  It’s never been an easy ride.  When I first arrived, it was known as the old workhouse hospital with few aspirations but very dedicated, committed and loyal staff.

“I set out to harness that dedication and commitment to develop a service strategy that allowed us to get the investment to build the new hospital.

“The new hospital is now over two years old and that journey has taken us from a hospital that many said should be closed down to a hospital this is now viewed as having some of the best facilities in the north-west.  A hospital with a vibrant long-term future to which everyone is committed.

“Whilst the new hospital building is really very important, it is nowhere near as important as the people who work in it and over the years we have seen a significant increase in the number of doctors and nurses that we employ at Tameside.  We all recognise that we are still on a massive investment journey, but it is important to remember where we started.

“The new hospital provided the springboard from which we have developed our strategic partnership with South Manchester and Stockport hospitals.  This is allowing us to transform and strengthen clinical services here in Tameside, and also to continue to improve the quality of care in service that we provide to the people in Tameside and Glossop. 

“You will have all read the newspapers and heard the media reports and speculation about my departure.  The facts of the matter are that the Board and I agreed my resignation on 27th June as it had become clear that my position as Chief Executive was no longer helpful to the organisation.

“I believe that most who know me know that I care passionately about this hospital, its staff and the people we serve.  However it became clear to me that it was important for me to hand over the reigns.

“I would like to express my heartfelt and sincere thanks to all of the people right across the organisation who have supported me over my 15 years in the job and to tell you all that Tameside will remain in my heart for many years to come.  It has been my privilege to work alongside all of you.”

Paul Connellan, Trust Chair, said: “The Board would like to thank Christine for her fourteen years’ service at the Trust. During that time the hospital has undergone major changes and Christine’s commitment has been unwavering 365 days a year.  At this time Christine and the Board felt it would be appropriate for her to let someone else lead the Trust as it faces the future challenges that exists across the whole of the NHS. We have appreciated her direct approach to the issue and wish her every success in the future.”