30 May 2013

Dukinfield Rugby Union Football Club (DRFUC)has taken commission of an automated defibrillator which will benefit players, coaches and the community. It is joint venture between the club, the British Heart Foundation andTamesideHospital.

Tameside Hospital’s Resuscitation Officer Geoff Pogson has helped train up members of the senior and junior teams to operate the defibrillator. He has also agreed to be the club’s clinical advisor to ensure they receive refresher training in the safe and effective use of the defibrillator

He explained: “This is the biggest community project that the hospital has been involved in and shows the increase in public awareness of defibrillator technology. We hope other sports club will get on board.”

DRUFC’s Kieran Nolan said: “Club trusteeAllan Hiltonsuggested we looked into getting a defibrillator. As a former player, club committee member and trustee, he knows how vital this piece of equipment is for potentially saving lives. We want it to be available to members of the club, but also to the many football teams that use Blocksages Playing Fields each weekend.”

Mr Hilton made a grant application to the British Heart Foundation and helped fund the defibrillator himself.

Mr Hilton said: “The club is now making contact with the various football clubs who play at Blocksages to let them know we have a defibrillator available with trained operatives, should it be needed. We are also investigating the possibility of making it available to the wider community in conjunction with North West Ambulance Service”