Videos showcase Tameside Hospital services
27 November 2012

Award-winning initiatives at Tameside Hospital are being showcased on videos to highlight advances being made by hospital staff.
Three short videos which demonstrate innovation, team working and service improvement at the hospital have been produced to showcase excellence at work as part of a staff recognition award scheme.
The videos, which have been published on the hospital’s web site this week, show how staff continue to work across the hospital to drive forward improvements.
Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Director of HR David Wilkinson said: “This is about the people who are behind some of our excellent services and initiatives. The videos have been produced to bring alive some of the work we do so that people can what goes on behind the scenes and the excellent work our staff are doing to improve services.
“It’s not just our patients who benefit – some of these initiatives are also about improving things for our staff and volunteers.
Included in the team working video is an innovative nuclear cardiology scheme using radio isotopes to detect coronary artery disease
Previously patients had to go to Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust to have the procedure. Tameside Hospital has now set up its own service involving a team of health professionals. Staff worked alongside Central Manchester University Hospitals to develop the service and train nurses and nuclear medicine staff.
Consultant radiologist Dr Sunjay Jagath describes how staff from different departments helped introduce the new service: “This was a great team working exercise which required many tiers of people within the stream of conducting the investigations to play a role.
A second video outlines service improvement and includes an interview with Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Consultant Respiratory Physiotherapist Catharine Thomas who explains how a new physiotherapy initiative has improved patient care.
The video describes a new physiotherapy care scheme, originally introduced in the USA, which is helping patients recover more quickly and reducing the time they spend in hospital.
The introduction of ‘Therapy Care Bundles’ – a standardised way of providing therapy across the hospital – has led to major improvements for patients.
Catharine said: “Therapy care bundles are a list of high impact therapy interventions, given in a time specific frame. It ensures patients receive the best, evidence-based care across the hospital.
“It is basically a tick list of things which ensures that any patient, wherever they are in the hospital and whoever is treating them, will be guaranteed an expert level of care within the time scale required.
A third video outlines innovation projects and includes an interview with HR manager Yvonne Hewitt who explains about the hospital’s health and wellbeing strategy which is helping to improve the health and fitness of hospital employees.




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