Volunteer gardeners offer solace to bereaved parents
21 November 2012

Members of a volunteer organisation of business and professional woman have helped brighten up the garden of Tameside Hospital’s Harebell Suite.
The suite, which is in the Maternity Unit, is used by bereaved parents as a private, dedicated room to grieve.
Members of Soroptimists International Ashton under Lyne were invited by Dr Beth Hammersley, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Tameside Hospital, to plant and maintain the Harebell Suite’s garden.
On Friday, November 16, the volunteers visited Tameside Hospital with pre-planted pots and planted spring bulbs to brighten up the small Harebell garden. The Soroptimists have given an ongoing commitment to return on a regular basis to keep the garden in good order.
In addition, members are supplying emergency toiletries bags for women who are admitted unexpectedly to the Maternity Unit.
Alicia Harris, president of Soroptimists International Ashton under Lyne, said: “it was a humbling experience being able to do this and we are grateful for the invitation from Dr Hammersley to be involved in the Harebell Suite.”
Dr. Hammersley, Lead Consultant for the Labour Ward, said “We are delighted that Alicia, an ex-member of our theatre team at Tameside Hospital has adopted the Harebell Suite during her year as President. The Harebell Suite is a resource valued by the women and families who are unfortunate enough to need it and having a regular commitment to keep the garden well maintained is a huge help.”