Ding Dong Tameside Nurses record breaking attempt
31 July 2012

The nurses will be joining thousands of other bell ringers, including Big Ben, to be part of a project encouraging everyone across theUKto ring a bell at exactly 08.12hrs. Organisers of ‘All the Bells’ – the official event - hope it will set a world record for the largest number of bells rung simultaneously.

The mass bell-ringing event was conceived by Turner Prize-winner Martin Creed, who has called the event Work No. 1197: All the bells in a country rung as quickly and as loudly as possible for three minutes.

Big Ben will chime 40 times in three minutes and it is believed to be the first time the bell has rung outside its regular schedule since 15 February, 1952.

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s Chair Paul Connellan said: “As one of the biggest employers in Tameside, we wanted to be part of this unique bell-ringing event to mark the start of the Olympics.

“We’re using brass hand bells used on the wards traditionally to indicate the end of designated visiting time, these will be chiming outside the hospital at exactly 08.12.”

‘All the Bells’ – the official event – even has its own official Join In app for London 2012 which includes a ‘shake to ring’ facility featuring the All the Bells ringtone.

The hospital will be registering the event on www.allthebells.com and joining in the national event online.