National cancer awareness campaign has big impact in Tameside
16 July 2012

TAMESIDE HOSPITAL has seen a marked increase in demand for detection of lung cancer and bowel cancers as result of two national awareness campaigns.

Figures show that this year’s Bowel Cancer awareness campaign promoted on TV, radio and press advertising, has had a big impact on Tameside residents.   

Encouraging more people to chat to their GP has significantly increased the number of patients referred to Tameside Hospital in recent months.

Compared to 2011 figures, 228 more patients have been referred to the hospital.  Scanning has shown that 25% more patients have received early diagnosis than last year.

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Medical Director Tariq Mahmood, said: “Early detection is vital as it enables early treatment which, in turn, results in better prospects for long term survival with these relatively common cancers.

“The positive impact of the awareness campaign is good news for our patients. Both campaigns have raised awareness of important symptoms, such as persistent cough and blood in the stools, and have given local patients the confidence to visit their GP.

“The cancer teams at Tameside General Hospital will now be able to help more people in Tameside and Glossop detect cancer early and therefore save more lives.”