A millennium of experience
10 July 2012

The hospital is geared up to celebrate a phenomenal 1,150 years of caring experience as a whopping 46 members of staff are each recognised for 25 years of services.

Hospital Chief Executive Christine Green will present them with an enormous cake to mark the occasion.

The hospital’s Alison Johnson, who has helped to organise the event, said: “Staff atTamesideHospitalare quite rightly loyal and proud to say they work here. In an age where people move from job to job more than ever before, it speaks volumes that we have such an incredible number of people prepared to work here for so long.

“These people – be they medical, nursing or support staff -  have all contributed as individuals and team members to make the patient experience the best it possibly can be.

“And while none of them does the job for thanks, I think it is only right that their achievements are recognised in this way.”