Legacy boosts cardiology care at Tameside Hospital
06 June 2012

This week staff from the cardiology unit will be showing how some of the money from the legacy has been spent to help monitor heart rhythm of patients.

New cardiac monitoring devices, the size of an iPod, costing around £20,000, have been purchased for the unit with some of the money donated to the hospital in the will of Mr Edwin Sellars.

On Thursday (7 June) Mrs Carol Ellor, the executor of the will of Mr Sellars, is coming in to see how the money was spent. She will be presented with a cake by staff on the ward to say thank you for the telemetry machines.

Tameside Hospital NHS Trust’s Sister Christine Harrison invited Mrs Ellor to the hospital to see the telemetry devices at first hand.

She said: "These cardiac monitoring devices have made a fundamental difference. These devices have greatly improved the quality of care and the length of stay for patients in the hospital has been reduced.

"The devices are only the size of an iPod, and are attached to the patient and enable us to monitor heart rhythm, which tells us whether the heart is beating normally or abnormally. It has meant we are able to provide the right care at the right time and we are delighted Mrs Ellor is able to come in and see how we have been able to move cardiology services forward for our patients as a direct result of Mr Sellars' legacy."