Recognition is icing on the cake
14 June 2012

Jean Rowbottom and Gary Wrigley were each given a WRVS 10 years’ service badge and presented with a cake to mark the occasion.

Jean, from Stalybridge, said: “I decided to start volunteering after six weeks of being retired. I realised the quiet life wasn’t for me!”

The 68-year-old works in the WRVS Coffee Shop in the Hartshead North building at Tameside Hospital two mornings a week.

“I love the company and really enjoy coming here. You get to meet so many different people.”

Working alongside Jean is fellow volunteer Gary, from Denton, who said he was thrilled to be recognised for his efforts.

“I really like volunteering at the hospital,” said 52-year-old Gary. “It’s the meeting new people that I like the best. It gets me out of the house. I love it!”

Linda Eyre, who manages the Coffee Shop for the WRVS, paid tribute to the efforts of her colleagues.

“Jean is so reliable: every time you need her, she is always there,” said Linda. “And Gary is a real hit, he’s such good fun.

“This coffee shop couldn’t run without volunteers like Jean and Gary. “

The hospital’s Company Secretary Tom Neve, who presented Jean and Gary with their 10-year badges, said: “Volunteers provide an immeasurably important service, not only to this hospital, but to every hospital in the country.

“They are often a friendly, caring face for patients, providing a listening ear for no other reason than they want to give something back. Clocking up 10 years of voluntary service is something Jean and Gary should be very proud of and something we, as a hospital, are incredibly grateful for.”