Longest serving midwife delivers new arrival
08 May 2012

Linda Fairley, the UK’s longest serving midwife, has swapped hot water and towels for a word processor and printer as she prepares to publish her first book.

The Midwife’s Here!, which is released tomorrow by publishing giants Harper Collins, is the Tameside Hospital midwife’s first foray into writing and charts her 40-plus years working in midwifery.

Linda was featured on ITV’s Daybreak and was named Woman of the Year after her incredibly long career at Tameside Hospital was first revealed to the public. She has spent a year penning the autobiographical book which is billed by the publishers as ‘a story of babies, parents and a truly inspiring woman told with warmth and a good dose of Mancunian humour.’

Linda said: “I am just delighted to have been able to write this book and to see it on the shelves is a lovely feeling.

“There have been times when I’ve thought I don’t want to do this, but I’ve had so much help from everyone – my colleagues at work, my family, my agent and ghost writer Rachel. I’ve had fabulous support and haven’t done it on my own.

“It’s not been for the fame. The most special part of it is to say to my grandson – nanna wrote this!”

Linda famously appeared as ‘the face’ of Tameside Hospital shortly after she started work here in 1970 – and it is that photo that is featured on the front of the book.