Tameside Hospital gives the go ahead for new CT Scanner
20 April 2012

An increased demand for CT scans at the hospital has meant the existing scanner cannot cope with the numbers of patients so the Board has given the go ahead to purchase a second scanner.

Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s radiology manager Paul Fish said: “This is great news for our patients as waiting times will be dramatically reduced.

“Demand for CT scanning has been increasing year on year and although our existing scanner has been working 12-hours-a-day, we have struggled to keep pace with demand.

“We don’t want patients to have to wait longer than is necessary and we certainly don’t want them to have to travel to other hospitals, which is why we are purchasing another machine”

Buying a second CT scanner will also ensure a back up scanner is always available.

Paul said: “We are confident that, by having two scanners, we can reduce waiting times for patients. Currently our outpatients have to wait around five to six weeks for a scan. A second scanner means we can reduce this to around two to three weeks.

"Patients on the wards sometimes wait longer than our internal standards. With access to two scanners, we are confident that all our inpatients will be scanned within 24 hours of receiving the referral.”

A new x-ray room is to be built at the hospital to house the new scanner and the existing team of CT radiographers will be increased by two new radiographers and a radiography assistant.

“This will bring huge benefits for our patients. By reducing the time our patients have to wait for a scan, we will be able to reduce the length of stay for our inpatients and speed up treatment for many of our outpatients.

“The new scanner will also be able to perform a wider variety of investigations than our current scanner. It will be quicker and more convenient for patients, scanning and producing data much more quickly so more patients can be seen each day, without delay.”