Awards for Tameside Hospital research team after world-first clinical trial
07 March 2012

Researchers from Tameside Hospital leading a world-first national orthodontic study have won two top awards for their work.

The Federation of European Orthodontists (FEO) and the British Orthodontic Society (BOS) have recognised the world-first clinical trial looking at a head brace treatment to bring the top jaw forwards. 

This national study was led by Dr Nicky Mandall, Consultant Orthodontist and Barbara Doherty, Research Nurse from Tameside Hospital.

The prizes for the best scientific research paper in Europe and the UK for 2010 were presented at the FEO conference in Dresden, Germany and the BOS conference in Harrogate.

Dr Mandall said: “Seventy three people took part in the study and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the patients and parents for attending on a regular basis to help the team with the study.

“The treatment involves patients who have a small top jaw, a forward position of the lower jaw and a “reverse bite”.  After 6-8 months of a ‘protraction’ head brace worn at night, the top jaw is pulled forwards and the reverse bite is corrected. 

“The study has shown that there is a 70% clinical success rate with this treatment which is maintained for at least three years. This early treatment may mean patients avoid face surgery to correct the jaw position in their mid to late teens. “

The UK team is currently collecting six year follow-up data on the patients, who are now 15-years-old, to confirm the long term effectiveness of the protraction facemask in reducing the need for jaw surgery.

Patient Max Tolley from Oldham took part in the clinical trial at Tameside Hospital.  He said:  “I would like to thank Dr Mandall and her team for giving me the chance to take part in this study.  Dr Mandall has explained each step in detail and taken time to assure me each step of the way.  I am very pleased with the result and cannot thank her enough”