The Hearing Centre at Tameside Hospital scores
07 March 2012

The Hearing Centre is a well established department within the hospital that provides a full assessment, diagnostic, balance and rehabilitation service for adults and children with a hearing problem.

The survey asked patients their thoughts on the service provided from start to finish in areas such as making the appointment and treatment during the appointment.

Nearly 150 patients were asked about their experiences, with 95% rating the centre excellent or good.

There are 11 fully qualified RCCP registered Audiologists at the centre, boasting more than 200 years’ of experience.

Chief Audiologist Kim Davenport said: “As a department we want our patients to feel satisfied, comfortable and to have trust in us by continuously offering our patients care and support.

“There are some misconceptions around hearing problems and people often think that when they go to the GP they’ll be added to a long waiting list, but it’s simply not the case.

“At The Hearing Centre we aim to provide your first assessment within four weeks and if required, hearing aids will be fitted shortly afterwards.

“Some people worry that hearing aids will be big and ugly, but again the truth is much better. We’re fitting state of the art digital hearing aids which are much more discreet.”

The Hearing Centre works closely with the Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) department as well as the nurse led clinic, which can deal with issues like ear wax clearance.

Staff also work with an associate specialist paediatrician, a teacher of the deaf who helps children to cope in the school environment, and social services, to ensure home environments are fully adapted with equipment such as a loop for the television and flashing lights for doorbells.

To be referred to The Hearing Centre, which is based in Yellow Suite, Hartshead Building North, contact your local GP. Assessments are also provided in the community upon request. Contact us for more information on 0161 9226381 or email