News archive from February 2012
Tameside nurse's kindness proves to be a tearjerker

A nurse, whose kindness brought tears to the eyes of a watching patient, has been given an award for excellence.

23 February 2012
Mums-to-be get video stardom

Mums-to-be will benefit from a new video launched by Tameside Hospital this week to tell them all about maternity care at the hospital.

The new video, which can viewed on the hospital’s web site, stars real mums who have had their babies at the hospital or at home, under the care of the hospital’s midwives.

20 February 2012
85 years work, but it’s off for a cruise now for Tameside Hospital Pathology pair

Between them, they’ve clocked up 85 years, working in the same department at Tameside Hospital.

They started work on the same day in 1969, were each other’s bridesmaids, and will be saying goodbye to colleagues as they both retire on the same day later this month.

16 February 2012
Mike Summerbee and Vince Sutton
City legend Mike Summerbee pays a surprise visit to Tameside Hospital patient Vince Sutton

Manchester City legend Mike Summerbee has paid a morale-boosting surprise visit to a Tameside Hospital patient who lost his foot in an accident earlier this year.


16 February 2012